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All Referrals Get Rewarded!

C & J LED Lighting and Signage Referral Program

For Instance . . . .

For Every  $20,000.00  job Referred

Get $100.00

Yes, that’s right;

If the person and/or company you refer ends up getting a job

which totals $100,000.00

YOU will receive $500.00 as a Referral Reward!

 The larger the job referred to us,

The Higher The Reward!

We are glad to say that in our business, once you purchase the LED Lighting and Displays from us, we will not hear back from you for years and years and years (you get the idea . . . ) since the products we provide for your LED lighting and LED Display upgrades last so long.   Because of that, we cannot offer you a Customer Loyalty Program, since you will not need to come back to us personally to get more LED Lighting and Display products, unless of course you are expanding.*

So that got us thinking, since we have been realizing that you, our customers, have been recommending us to your colleagues already, we have decided to implement a Customer Referral Program, starting in the beginning of 2012.

*Also, just to let you know, if you are expanding and do need more LED Lighting or another LED Display, we will extend this Referral System to you as well . . . . . since of course ~ you Referred yourself!

Please Click on the Image below to Open the Referral Form


F A Q:


How much money can I earn in the C & J Referral Rewards Program?

The amount you can earn is unlimited, however, anything over $599.00 are subject to IRS regulations. Ask us for more details on this.

Does the Referral Rewards Program include the Finish Line LED Tubes?

Sorry, due to the typical low quantities ordered at one time, and because we are keeping the cost as low as possible for all of our Racing Fans, we cannot extend the Referral Rewards Program for these tubes. However, other LED tubes and products, which involve larger quantities do qualify for the Referral Rewards Program.

Is there a minimal on the amount which will qualify for the Referral Rewards Program?

Yes, since we keep our pricing as low as possible, we do have a minimal order which will qualify for the Referral Rewards Program. The minimal amount on the final order is $5,000.00 or higher.

Can I qualify for multiple rewards if I provide multiple different referrals?

Absolutely! You will receive a reward after the final sale for each different referral you refer to us.

How do I sign up for the C & J Rewards for the Referral Program?

Just fill out the Referral Form link on this page and complete the necessary information.

When do I need to update my account information?

If your contact information changes, just notify us through this link and we will make sure your information gets updated properly. This is important so we can make sure that you will receive your reward in a timely manner as soon as the sale in complete.

How do I provide the referrals to C & J?

It is important that you fill out the Referral Form BEFORE we get contacted by the person you would like to recommend. Simply fill out the Referral Form link provided on this page. Then contact the person you would like to refer to us so they can expect our follow-up.

If we are already in contact with a customer through our existing marketing programs which we have in place, then the person or company will not be considered as a referral from you.

Do I have to let the person and or company know that I am referring them?

Yes! You do have to fill out the Referral Reward Form first or shortly after you refer us – But you must make sure you let who you are referring know that we will be contacting them and why.

What if the person I would like to refer is already a customer of C & J’s?

If the person is already a customer of C & J, and has already purchased LED Lighting or LED Signage from us in the past, you do not qualify for the referral – unless of course, you are referring yourself!

But, if we have never provided our LED Lighting and LED Display to them, then this can be considered a referral.

How can I let people know about your products and services?

Please recommend only people with whom you feel are interested in our products and services. Please do not spam or use other unethical means to solicit new customers.

It is also required that, upon completing the Referral Reward Form on this page, you contact the person you are referring so that they know we will be contacting them.

How will the Reward be provided?

C & J will issue a Prepaid Credit Gift Card, or a check made payable, to the Referral person. Once we inform you that the referred order has been completed and your Reward is ready, you can either pick up the Reward at our Main Office, or we will mail it to you.

How will I know that the person and or company completed the Sale?

Once the order is completed in full and upon final payment to C & J, C & J will notify you via email or phone and let you know that you will be receiving your Reward and it is ready for pickup at our Main Office – or we will mail it to the specified mailing address.

Please also feel free to contact us at any time and we will give you a status report pertaining to your referral.

• There are NO Referral Reward limits, a customer may refer as many other people as he/she desires.
• Only one referral reward per new customer. In the event that 2 or more people referred the same customer, the person who emailed the referral first is entitled to the reward.
• Sales prior to January 1, 2012 are excluded.
• All referral rewards totaling $600.00 or more within one calendar year are subject to IRS regulations.
• The Referral Program does not include any sales with’ Finish’ Line LED tubes.
• All rewards will be mailed to the qualifying referral person who submitted the online referral upon the installation and completion of the referred product or service.
• Referral must be given to C & J LED Lighting and Signage prior to the new customer contacting C & J, this can be done by using the referral form linked on this page.
• Existing customers can be eligible for their own referral reward on new orders.
• Only upon final completion of a sale will referral reward be obtainable.
• If we are already in contact with a customer through our existing marketing programs which we have in place, then the person or company will not be considered as a referral from you.
• Rules are subject to change, we will do our best to keep you informed as soon as possible. However, we will not change any rules after a Referral is given unless it is beyond our control. Thank you for understanding.
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